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What is Materialism? and How we are becoming part of it.

Overview: In today's world, one thing that certainly has taken control of our emotions, thoughts, and behavior consciously or unconsciously is materialism. What exactly is the meaning of materialism?  It could be described as 'The greed of becoming richer or the dream of availing the objective things and accessibility of wealth in excess. The things or wealth that is not essential for us but still we want to show our success. Psychological Overview: Psychologically It can be explained as that views or thoughts that distract or encourages us to be more superior from others. In other words, we as a human consumes thoughts, views from society and people whom we meet. We are not consistent enough to be patient, we want more than what we have achieved or owned. It is a burning desire in everybody, which ignites when we see or hears about amenities that are not within our reach and we are given options to own them. Potentially we as human beings are vulnerable or can easily be distra

What are the Impacts of Coronavirus and Quarantine?

In the wake of the sudden appearance of coronavirus pandemic, there are many rules are been put into the place to contain it. Such as Isolation, quarantine, social distancing, less social activities. Almost all the countries have adopted the policy of 'Stayathome'. This virus is leaving so many shattering effects on us and their losses will be felt for a long time. Although we can't count on all of them. We'll try to discuss some of them. What are the Impacts of Coronavirus and Quarantine? Lost ones The biggest loss will be the loss of loved ones, the impacts of such losses are uncountable because you'll feel about that whole of your life. Many people around the world have lost their mother, father, spouses, friends, and many more, and the biggest suffering even worst is that people can't see them while they're leaving this world and they also can't burry them from their hands. Which is the unimaginable? This feeling shall remain in their minds and hurt

What are the reasons of Materialism?

Why we are so materialistic in today's world? We have access to a lot more amenities if compared historically still we are not happy. Is materialism compulsory for happiness? What are the main factors causing the increase in materialism?. We'll try to answer this question in this article. 1. Child Feeding/brainstorming. Many of you won't agree with me on this but I think this is the main reason and factor which eventually implies materialism and nobody has any idea about that factor. Since childhood children are used to living in a society where everyone is running after materialism, the thinking behind it is to get happiness. Parents always think and talk around their children about materialism, more amenities, how to get them? How to earn or obtain more wealth, money and luxurious households. If everyone around you is talking about the same. Then you are brainstorming and feeding your children on the course of becoming materialistic. 2. Measuring Happiness with We

Everything is Materialistic

The words, thinking, behavior, business, people everything has changed so much in today's world. Everyone is running after materialistic life with no end. Everyone wants to build huge empires at any cost or lose. We want beautiful & biggest home and the long trail of money in our bank for our self-satisfaction, to fulfill this we don't even want to think that the way we have chosen is right and what will be the end result of it, whether it will lead us to ultimate disrespect, shame or something nothing with empty hands at the End? What we left behind us? These can be easy or harsh questions If we sit back and think about them for some time. We can better understand by observing around us. If you observe how much difficulty we have made our daily life by inserting so many objects that we don't even require.  How we are growing our children by inserting some of the common questions of this era in their minds since their childhood. What will be your career, w

Useful Tips to prevent accident

You have the driving license and have a driving car but do you follow traffic rules. If you were involved in an accident? whether it was a minor or serious one. Have you ever tried to know what was the main causes of that accident? Obviously, there will b accident while driving but did you ever tried to find reasons to minimize the number by identifying the facts behind that accident. what was the reason? What can you do to prevent an accident? Here are some facts that we noticed while on the road that could prevent accident or minimize the damage. Let's learn!!! Horn while Passing Many of us would have noticed that If you are driving a car, some other one biker or vehicle suddenly stopped near to the road, which was not actually the right area to drop someone and you are passing from him nearby and he is near to open the door to come out from the vehicle. then you are seriously in business, It is not nice to use the horn on roads but at that time It would be c

How a House is Built in some of the Asian Countries?

Building a house or a new house construction in some Asian countries is a tough job but It also becomes very uncomfortable for other living nearby people. We have seen numerous times if someone starts building a home or want to reconstruct a house, he'll do in a way that it'll become a discomfort zone for other people for many a month who are living nearby. The short description was just to illustrate the situation. Now We'll find out how a house is being built in some of the Asian countries. The area in which We are living is a small street from the main which leads to our house. We are experiencing a rough and tough way towards our house from last few months. At the start of the street, there are two houses, someone bought them and started to reconstruct them. Since day one all the construction material is being offloaded on that small road. Laborers work the whole day in and out between that road and house. The thing is that no one is bot

Are we Poor by Birth or by Nature in current Social World?

In today's Social world many poor people are living with no mindset or infrastructure to grow, they are living in such conditions in which their minds have stopped at a certain level, from where they can’t grow to become more successful. Educational System Differences In poor countries, many would have noticed that commonly there are two types of educational systems, for rich peoples they have a hight standardized schooling system, the people who are earning at a level of rich, from beginning their children are studying in the leverage schooling system. Their mindsets somewhere established in a way by brainstorming to learn more about the ways to create the ways themselves. They’ll learn innovative ways to develop them to become more social and engage persons in their lives. There is another side of the picture for poor families they can’t afford high paying schools to educate their child. There they won’t get enough brainstorming and facilities to become more succes

Eye opener facts of our society

In our last topic of corruption, we covered some eye opener facts of our society how our society embraced corruption with remarkable ease and without concern, we are practicing them in our daily life without any fear thinking that we'll earn some extra cash, other materialists or for few moments of inner satisfaction. We didn't even try to imagine what will be the outcome of our actions on other person and society, we feel it was a pleasing action to make fool someone. One of an eye-opener incident happened with us a few days back, we were riding on a bike and felt shortage of fuel thought we need to fill our tank otherwise bike will stop halfway and we will be turning our gears instead of bikes. As we lined up at a petrol station to fuel our bike, once it was our turn, the cashier tried to talkative with us and fuelling person started to fill the bike tank, he suddenly stopped fuelling on less price meter which we suggested.   our driver was very acti

How Corruption has become Fashion in our society?

Do you know what exactly is corruption, have you're ever tried to understand or noticed how easily it has become a member of our society. Why we don't hate it anymore? Why we don't think about it or feels shame on it. Do you know It has become a fashion in our society? Let's discuss it.  Once we start giving respect to corrupt or criminal people in our society and starting to disrespect honorable people, then slowly but surely corrupt system shall destroy whole national mentally, morally and ethically, in our society we reached a stage where all the limits are been crossed, we  now don't feel embarrassed on our acts we always try to justify it in many ways. Then we can say that; Corruption is now an Ethical Fashion in our society. 1. Corruption in small social businesses. We should have noticed in our daily routine, if we are buying grocery near to our house groceries, try to check prices from 2 or 3 shops from same area, you will find prices are

Consider, You could be wrong

I n today's social world, accepting or considering himself the wrong, that's not the case. everyone tries to portate a situation that another person is wrong, he is not willing to consider himself that he could be wrong. he thinks he is the right. In our society, everyone has developed the thinking that he is the right one, nobody wants to consider that he could be wrong. This act has created adverse effects in our daily lives, we have lost the respectful thinking and behavior towards other persons, some of us will show aggression or someone will take discussion as long until he'll prove himself right. By some of the examples we can explain it;  Let's suppose someone is riding a bike or vehicle, he suddenly crosses the road from his way to another way of road to shorten his distance without using a legal turn or crossing, then he'll surely come in the way of other vehicles, who are going their way, then traffic will slow down because of his irresp