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How to Plan and Save time in our daily routine

How busy we have gone in our daily social lives and working places where every single minutes counts and has value but still there are lot of things can be done for improvement which can save our extra minute. In our daily social life routine we all are making these small mistakes which are costing our time. Most of us literally don't know about that or never tried to think or noticed how can we save 2-5 minutes each time. Very few of us have noticed them but still not been able to figure out. In today's topic we'll mention few tips that can save your time. I came across some of these thing and thought these would be beneficial for you, by practically doing them I am saving few minutes for me. Mobile & Navigation: Let's think you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, on the way you noticed that your mobile battery is about to die. It has only 20% left and ceremony will end in three hours. It'll be better for you to power off your mobil

Still, I can't believe!!

Still, I can't believe!! is all about sharing a hard-earned experience with all of you. Before going into details Let's describe it. We should trust or not? Everyone would think about this in his own way, some would have the bitter experience they would say we shouldn't! and other’s who had a good experience, they would say we should, things become completed if you are not a long and hard thinker and a soft-hearted person, you are in trouble most of the time. They are loved by everyone because of their nature but remain uncomfortable in their lives as they are not selfish, you are going to create problems for yourself by believing blindly. This is a fact in this digital world you won't find many selfless people, by the time and experience you would find many people around you were eyeing on your pocket, bank balance or any kind of materialist in which you are sufficient then him. This also has become normal, most of our society peoples don't want to ea