What is Materialism? and How we are becoming part of it.


In today's world, one thing that certainly has taken control of our emotions, thoughts, and behavior consciously or unconsciously is materialism. What exactly is the meaning of materialism?  It could be described as 'The greed of becoming richer or the dream of availing the objective things and accessibility of wealth in excess. The things or wealth that is not essential for us but still we want to show our success.

Psychological Overview:

Psychologically It can be explained as that views or thoughts that distract or encourages us to be more superior from others. In other words, we as a human consumes thoughts, views from society and people whom we meet. We are not consistent enough to be patient, we want more than what we have achieved or owned. It is a burning desire in everybody, which ignites when we see or hears about amenities that are not within our reach and we are given options to own them. Potentially we as human beings are vulnerable or can easily be distracted by other's thoughts or behaviors.


This can be explained by as that If we have relatives or friends around us, who are richer than us and we are not. As much as we'll interact with them we'll start to consume their thought in our mind. As per their ability, they would talk about buying or renting expenses things or objects, which will also attract us or others who don't have accessibility. Our minds and thoughts will easily and quickly accept their thoughts & view and we'll start questioning ourselves, If they can buy such expensive things then Why we can't? and we'll start imagining the ways to obtain them. This is the first step towards materialism. 

In other words, we can describe it that we all are living in an environment that itself actually is been built on the basis of materialism. In it, such ethics and codes are been built that everyone has to be part of it. You are being dragged into it and we unconsciously become part of it.

What is Materialism? and How we are becoming part of it.
What is Materialism? and How we are becoming part of It.

Modern Overview:

In the modern era, we can describe it that we want a luxurious lifestyle with lots of objective or materialistic things around us. If we have a small house or don't have a car, by observing or listening to others we'll carry thoughts about them that. How can I get a much bigger house in high society at a prime location? and how can I buy a car for my own personal use? What are the resources and options to buy it?


This can be understood with a really easy and common example for everyone's understanding. Let's say someone wants to buy a house at a prime location in his area or city but he doesn't have enough cash or money to buy it or he even can't buy it in his whole life. He has the two options; whether to buy it in Instalment or he can get a loan from Bank or from financing companies, institutions to buy it. Now If someone wants to buy a car the same options are available in our era.

You can see even for smaller things like Mobile, Accessories, Electronics, and many more products you are attracted to buy it in installment through cash or credit card with imaginary and crazy TV, Social Media ads, or by promotion as per each one's area, city or country.

Similarly, If you need some hard cash for your personal needs or for some investment purpose. You'll find so many options either Bank loan, Credit Card Cash withdrawal or Financial institutional with a high margin of interested, that you are asked to pay in smaller installment and what happens you are attracted to use such options by imagining that you only need to pay back small amount every month and It won't feel the burden on me.

The purpose of explaining these examples is that how we are easily becoming part of materialism or being attracted to be part of this materialistic world.



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