What are the Impacts of Coronavirus and Quarantine?

In the wake of the sudden appearance of coronavirus pandemic, there are many rules are been put into the place to contain it. Such as Isolation, quarantine, social distancing, less social activities. Almost all the countries have adopted the policy of 'Stayathome'. This virus is leaving so many shattering effects on us and their losses will be felt for a long time. Although we can't count on all of them. We'll try to discuss some of them.

Impacts of Coronavirus
What are the Impacts of Coronavirus and Quarantine?

Lost ones

The biggest loss will be the loss of loved ones, the impacts of such losses are uncountable because you'll feel about that whole of your life. Many people around the world have lost their mother, father, spouses, friends, and many more, and the biggest suffering even worst is that people can't see them while they're leaving this world and they also can't burry them from their hands. Which is the unimaginable? This feeling shall remain in their minds and hurt them forever until they will live. 

Think about someone who lost his father, mother, or spouse, how he'll forget them? What will be feeling when he'll relive these memories that how shocking those moments were? Most of the times his eyes will fill with tears? When he'll memorize about moments which they lived together, for some time he'll smile but suddenly his happiness will envelop with deep sorrow. Nobody can bring back them.

Social Activities

For a long time of period, many people will abandon social activities. They will fear meeting someone, going outside for entertainment, or dine out. People will not be able to shack hands for a long time fearing coronavirus may shack them. They won't hug someone while thinking coronavirus may hug them. People will not sit close anymore while fearing about coronavirus. People will not touch someone's clothes especially if someone is coming from outside.  At home, even husband, wife, and children feel fear for a long time.

You can imagine that people will make more lame excuses if they are invited by someone on the marriage ceremony, eating out, or even to meet their close relative. People will prefer more social isolation and prefer only to go for a job because they have to work to feed themselves or their families.


  • Payment Methods

Many organizations and businesses are adopting the policy of digitalization. After so many days once I went outside to buy a birthday gift for someone. Once I went to the payment counter to make a payment, I was caught a new surprise by reading that. "Preferred payment method Credit/Debit card, however cash will also be accepted".  that was very unusual and passed the very confining feeling. Which also suggested how quickly we'll be digitalized.
  • E-Learning
Many schools have adopted the E-learning or Teleschool systems in this coronavirus pandemic era. In the coming years, you'll notice that there are many schools that only are admitting the students for distance learning or E-learning. Many students will prefer this kind of study but for many, it'll not be easy as the concentration level is higher in the classroom, and in E-learning there is much more distraction and less concentration level but somehow It'll become a forced future necessity, whether we like it or not.

  • E-Shopping
There will be more shopping as you'll be hearing that in this coronavirus pandemic many companies like Amazon, eBay, Facebook are generating even more profitable. Such a profit surge will force many people to make their own apps to grow their business hence people will also prefer to buy essentials by ordering through apps while staying at home. Which is more convenient for many. In our area, we heard an announcement that one of the famous shopping app has started delivering FMCG items like vegetables, fruits, and other basic necessities. How quickly people have started to grab these kinds of opportunities. This is the peak time to go digitalize which will be beneficial for them for a long period of time. People will also stick with such given opportunities.

  • Work from Home
Almost every country has adopted the policy to work from home for those who are even gradually reopening their social, economic activities. They are allowing only 30% of the workforce to sit in the office and are allowing the remaining workforce to work from home in this coronavirus pandemic. We are been forced to adopt this style of work. This is the factor that will be considered as transformation. Businesses will adopt it and it'll go for a long period of time and even for an unlimited time. Businesses will only allow such people to come to the office which is really essential. In this way, they will reduce their cost and can make their businesses more profitable.
  • E-meeting
You surely would have noticed or even used that for businesses E-meeting is becoming more and more adaptable. Usage of such apps has surged significantly, by keeping in mind many apps Zoom, MS Meeting has unlocked their apps to use free for almost 50 people per meeting during this coronavirus pandemic.  Such a licking offer will grow their businesses and profit in the future once the coronavirus pandemic will be contained or over more and more businesses shall adopt digitalization and 'Workfromhome' policies.


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