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What is Materialism? and How we are becoming part of it.

Overview: In today's world, one thing that certainly has taken control of our emotions, thoughts, and behavior consciously or unconsciously is materialism. What exactly is the meaning of materialism?  It could be described as 'The greed of becoming richer or the dream of availing the objective things and accessibility of wealth in excess. The things or wealth that is not essential for us but still we want to show our success. Psychological Overview: Psychologically It can be explained as that views or thoughts that distract or encourages us to be more superior from others. In other words, we as a human consumes thoughts, views from society and people whom we meet. We are not consistent enough to be patient, we want more than what we have achieved or owned. It is a burning desire in everybody, which ignites when we see or hears about amenities that are not within our reach and we are given options to own them. Potentially we as human beings are vulnerable or can easily be distra

What are the Impacts of Coronavirus and Quarantine?

In the wake of the sudden appearance of coronavirus pandemic, there are many rules are been put into the place to contain it. Such as Isolation, quarantine, social distancing, less social activities. Almost all the countries have adopted the policy of 'Stayathome'. This virus is leaving so many shattering effects on us and their losses will be felt for a long time. Although we can't count on all of them. We'll try to discuss some of them. What are the Impacts of Coronavirus and Quarantine? Lost ones The biggest loss will be the loss of loved ones, the impacts of such losses are uncountable because you'll feel about that whole of your life. Many people around the world have lost their mother, father, spouses, friends, and many more, and the biggest suffering even worst is that people can't see them while they're leaving this world and they also can't burry them from their hands. Which is the unimaginable? This feeling shall remain in their minds and hurt