What are the reasons of Materialism?

Why we are so materialistic in today's world? We have access to a lot more amenities if compared historically still we are not happy. Is materialism compulsory for happiness? What are the main factors causing the increase in materialism?. We'll try to answer this question in this article.

1. Child Feeding/brainstorming.

Many of you won't agree with me on this but I think this is the main reason and factor which eventually implies materialism and nobody has any idea about that factor. Since childhood children are used to living in a society where everyone is running after materialism, the thinking behind it is to get happiness. Parents always think and talk around their children about materialism, more amenities, how to get them? How to earn or obtain more wealth, money and luxurious households. If everyone around you is talking about the same. Then you are brainstorming and feeding your children on the course of becoming materialistic.

2. Measuring Happiness with Wealth, Money and Amenities.

Another reason which is dangerously increasing materialism is us and in our society could be that everyone thinks that a lot of wealth, money, a luxurious or rich living lifestyle, the capability of buying expensive houses and households eventually will bring more happiness in their life. This can be defined as correct because more you have wealth and money, more you will be regarded and respected.

Measuring Happiness with Wealth, Money and Amenities

3. Ads and Online Shopping addiction.

Attractive ads and easy access to online shopping are also rising materialism. We are shown ads on tv, social media which eventually target our minds and change psychological thinking to buy these things. The ads are shown with more lucrative options for buying things in installments. Which makes a lot easier of buying an expensive product even for the lowest wage income earner.

Ads and Online shopping addiction is increasing materialism

4. Social Status pressure of being successful.

As you get older social pressure increases of showcasing what you have achieved in the form of materialism consistently increasing factor of materialism. Your parents, family, and society wants to see an expensive car, luxurious house, a lot of money in your bank, expensive suiting and hight profile exotic travel for leisure. If you have attained these amenities than you'll be considered as a successful person around and people will explain to you as an example of success in front of others to adopt the same path.

All these points eventually leads us towards us that we are vulnerable, such a system is been created that either you have desire or not, you have to part of it. You are not allowed to promote yourself. You will only be considered, listened and regards if you are a part of it. Otherwise, you can't even breathe in this world.

You would have seen many rich people in your life who do, doesn't even want to talk to people lesser them in living standard. What is their argument will be is that they are not of our standards. Such behavior eventually leads everyone's ego that one day he would be the same.


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