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What are the reasons of Materialism?

Why we are so materialistic in today's world? We have access to a lot more amenities if compared historically still we are not happy. Is materialism compulsory for happiness? What are the main factors causing the increase in materialism?. We'll try to answer this question in this article. 1. Child Feeding/brainstorming. Many of you won't agree with me on this but I think this is the main reason and factor which eventually implies materialism and nobody has any idea about that factor. Since childhood children are used to living in a society where everyone is running after materialism, the thinking behind it is to get happiness. Parents always think and talk around their children about materialism, more amenities, how to get them? How to earn or obtain more wealth, money and luxurious households. If everyone around you is talking about the same. Then you are brainstorming and feeding your children on the course of becoming materialistic. 2. Measuring Happiness with We