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Everything is Materialistic

The words, thinking, behavior, business, people everything has changed so much in today's world. Everyone is running after materialistic life with no end. Everyone wants to build huge empires at any cost or lose. We want beautiful & biggest home and the long trail of money in our bank for our self-satisfaction, to fulfill this we don't even want to think that the way we have chosen is right and what will be the end result of it, whether it will lead us to ultimate disrespect, shame or something nothing with empty hands at the End? What we left behind us? These can be easy or harsh questions If we sit back and think about them for some time. We can better understand by observing around us. If you observe how much difficulty we have made our daily life by inserting so many objects that we don't even require.  How we are growing our children by inserting some of the common questions of this era in their minds since their childhood. What will be your career, w