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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April 09, 2019

Useful Tips to prevent accident

You have the driving license and have a driving car but do you follow traffic rules. If you were involved in an accident? whether it was a minor or serious one. Have you ever tried to know what was the main causes of that accident? Obviously, there will b accident while driving but did you ever tried to find reasons to minimize the number by identifying the facts behind that accident. what was the reason? What can you do to prevent an accident? Here are some facts that we noticed while on the road that could prevent accident or minimize the damage. Let's learn!!!

Use Horn while driving to avoid the accident

  • Horn while Passing
  • Many of us would have noticed that If you are driving a car, some other one biker or vehicle suddenly stopped near to the road, which was not actually the right area to drop someone and you are passing from him nearby and he is near to open the door to come out from the vehicle. then you are seriously in business, It is not nice to use the horn on roads but at that time It would be counted as a good gesture to quickly horn before another one opens the door of his car. If this door was the door which will open up on the roadside from where traffic is flowing. Your horn could alert another person and could prevent an accident.

Always use the indicators to prevent the accident

  • Use Indicators

  • Using Left or Right Indicator is the most important factor while driving. We have seen many times on roads that people don't use indicators while moving from one lane to another lane or while taking left or right turn. Driving in such a way could lead to a horrible accident. Such a situation could be explained by an example.

  • A Woman was driving a car from little distance behind the car a bike was also moving in the same direction, both we driving on an average speed still it was not a high way road. The woman sitting in the car suddenly the left turn to move into a bumpy small street. The Biker suddenly has to press the break and has to move the bike into nowhere directions to prevent the crash. Fortunately, he was able to move the bike in such directions that eliminated the crash factor. For one moment if you can imagine the same situation with two cars, what? there would be 99.9% of an accident because you can't move cars in smaller streets like the bike.

Drive slowly on streets to avoid the accident

  • Be Slower on Streets.

    While driving in Street we have noticed many people try to drive at the speed higher rather than at lower speed. Many people have houses in the streets and people also have to use these streets to walk or if they are not doing so. These streets are not for high-speed driving because by doing so you don't know maybe there is someone walking or any other object human or inhuman could cause the accident. The rush of blood or to reach a destination as early as possible are the main causes of high-speed accident.

    Always take an appropriate turn to avoid the accident

  • Take an appropriate Turn
    In Many Countries, people don't try to follow traffic rules or there is not much implementation of rules as it should be. Naturally, in many ways when we drive, we don't try to take an appropriate turn because the turn is either far or we are in a real hurry or we don't know the laws. We just use our staring and turns the vehicle right from mid of road without noticing that there are a lot of vehicles behind us people won't be having any other option to the horn or shout at you because of your inappropriate behavior.

  • Such a poor driving We saw a few days back on a road, where there was an old man suddenly turned the car right from mid of the road. There were long queues of either side of the road because of his mistake he wasn't able to insert his car on another side of road and queue was getting longer and longer behind him. Either side no one was able to move.

Hope you would have noticed some tips and would try to learn more tips yourself to improve better & save driving and traffic flow.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

April 04, 2019

How to Plan and Save time in our daily routine

How busy we have gone in our daily social lives and working places where every single minutes counts and has value but still there are lot of things can be done for improvement which can save our extra minute. In our daily social life routine we all are making these small mistakes which are costing our time. Most of us literally don't know about that or never tried to think or noticed how can we save 2-5 minutes each time. Very few of us have noticed them but still not been able to figure out.

In today's topic we'll mention few tips that can save your time. I came across some of these thing and thought these would be beneficial for you, by practically doing them I am saving few minutes for me.

How to Plan & Save time in our daily routine?

Mobile & Navigation:

Let's think you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, on the way you noticed that your mobile battery is about to die. It has only 20% left and ceremony will end in three hours. It'll be better for you to power off your mobile and don't start until ceremony ends, now you have noticed that other meeting time is almost there when this ceremony ended and you don't have your own car. you have to book an online car and while coming out from that ceremony hall to the point from where that car will pick you up will 2-3 minutes away. It'll be better for you to start your mobile phone while walking, until you'll reach you destination you mobile and app will be ready to book.

Office Time:

Many of us are use to create messy situation while going to office. They don't even bother to identify their mistakes and correct them day by day. Like most of us don't bother to wake up on time. If your office has 30 minutes drive time from your home. You should set your alarm at least 1 hour and 15 minutes time. These 45 minutes will give you enough time to take a bath, wearing clothes and shoes and to take breakfast but many of us are not doing this practice. They will woke up on 15-20 minutes earlier or even at the neck of time. Which creates a terrible and messy situation for them. Each they they are doing this but don't want to improve them. Making this kind of professional habit you'll reach office in relax mood and can't perform your duties in much better way.

One more big mistake which is costing us our time is that while going to office we are not use to prepare our clothes at night or prepare 2 to 3 days clothes in advance or of week in advance. Most of do this in unprofessional way, once they wakes up in the morning they are ironing their clothes in little space, by adopting this habit we will be relax to wake up.

Meeting Arrangments:

Let's think you are an organizer of a meeting and there are 10-15 people who have to attend that meeting one by one. It'll be better for you to take out the list and check how many were invited and how many appeared, telly them and assign them numbers starting from one to till end and let them go in that sequence. It'll be better for practice this each and every time five minutes before start time. If you are not used to it. You could end up loosing time of every one and there could be a messy situation.


Multitasking can be very confusing, It's not easy to do more then one Jobs at a time for every one. If you have been assigned multitask and you are not sure how to do it?Here is a small tip to handle it without getting under pressure. 
First, you need to identify which task is more important, prepare your mind to focus only on this Job. If you won't focus or keep on thinking about other job while doing first Job. You'll be under real pressure. Focus and mind set are the key metrics of performing a good and smooth job. If you have prepared your mind. Then try to concentrate on your first Job, with concentration your thinking shouldn't be diverted. Finish your first Job, then start your second one in the same way. By, doing this act you will extra seconds or minutes depends upon you task.

These are some of the little tips that I identified from my own personal experience and implemented them. We'll bring more such tips for you in future. If you have any tip related to this topic or any other topic to be written. Please write below in comments, give us your feed back to improve our services.

Our main object is to improve every one social life in which every one can participate and built a social community whose words can contribute. so, 

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