How a House is Built in some of the Asian Countries?

Building a house or a new house construction in some Asian countries is a tough job but It also becomes very uncomfortable for other living nearby people. We have seen numerous times if someone starts building a home or want to reconstruct a house, he'll do in a way that it'll become a discomfort zone for other people for many a month who are living nearby.

The short description was just to illustrate the situation. Now We'll find out how a house is being built in some of the Asian countries.

How a House is Built in some of the Asian Countries?

The area in which We are living is a small street from the main which leads to our house. We are experiencing a rough and tough way towards our house from last few months.

At the start of the street, there are two houses, someone bought them and started to reconstruct them. Since day one all the construction material is being offloaded on that small road. Laborers work the whole day in and out between that road and house.

The thing is that no one is bothered to place the construction material in a way that people or vehicles who have to pass many times in a day don't suffer. Meaning that once they started the construction the whole material lies on the road and many people who are living in that area have to use that road to pass. Many vehicles have to pass from that road. Almost half of the road was used by them. Bricks, Cement, Mixer machine, Soil all will be on that road. Then you can imagine if someone will pass from there what will be the situation for him.

The homeowner didn't want to move material inside the home even after completion of some part of the home, they want to see their house clean, want to see it beautiful from inside. They don't want to see dirt inside it but they don't care about outside. How the road looks outside, how people are suffering outside.

Think if an old person man or woman or a child passes from there and a brick or stone hits him while walking from that area. He can get an injury during that course. These inner roads are so small that at a time two vehicles side by side can't pass, while construction work is going on how this vehicle or biker will pass. Just Imagine!!! His car or bike can be damaged by hitting a small piece of stone or brick.

This situation still not ends even after the completion of the home. After that, the remaining soil or few bricks and other leftover material still remain situated on that road in coming months. After completion of the structure, they'll move inside to complete inner or roof construction. No one is bothered to clear the remaining material so it can become easier for other people.

How carelessly people use material & infrastructure to built home
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This is a common story of all of us. We have become so used to it that we don't even bother about that. The Point we want to raise that there someone has to point out about that. Someone has to take a step. Someone has to take this issue to the next level. So that it can be sorted in the coming years. This problem can't be solved in a day or two. We all have to be a participant to raise this issue. So that It can become a voice towards the ultimate solution.

The more you raise the more it'll be social. So Let's raise your voice to change our society.

The Main purpose of creating this blog to spread awareness on social issues we are facing, by educating and point out these problems we may able to create community, which can collectively become a people's power.

You are most welcome to share your ideas and views. You can also suggest us to raise some of the issues that you are facing in your society but never paid attention. We only want to see from genuine people to participate.


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