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How a House is Built in some of the Asian Countries?

Building a house or a new house construction in some Asian countries is a tough job but It also becomes very uncomfortable for other living nearby people. We have seen numerous times if someone starts building a home or want to reconstruct a house, he'll do in a way that it'll become a discomfort zone for other people for many a month who are living nearby. The short description was just to illustrate the situation. Now We'll find out how a house is being built in some of the Asian countries. The area in which We are living is a small street from the main which leads to our house. We are experiencing a rough and tough way towards our house from last few months. At the start of the street, there are two houses, someone bought them and started to reconstruct them. Since day one all the construction material is being offloaded on that small road. Laborers work the whole day in and out between that road and house. The thing is that no one is bot