Are we Poor by Birth or by Nature in current Social World?

In today's Social world many poor people are living with no mindset or infrastructure to grow, they are living in such conditions in which their minds have stopped at a certain level, from where they can’t grow to become more successful.

Educational System Differences

  • In poor countries, many would have noticed that commonly there are two types of educational systems, for rich peoples they have a hight standardized schooling system, the people who are earning at a level of rich, from beginning their children are studying in the leverage schooling system. Their mindsets somewhere established in a way by brainstorming to learn more about the ways to create the ways themselves. They’ll learn innovative ways to develop them to become more social and engage persons in their lives.

  • There is another side of the picture for poor families they can’t afford high paying schools to educate their child. There they won’t get enough brainstorming and facilities to become more successful, they’ll learn everything in their lives by hard-earned experiences. They won’t get high paying salaries job from the beginning. It’ll take a long long time from them to become a financially successful person.

This factor is very common in every part of the world even in the United States, poor or rich, black or white every one not getting the same facilities and infrastructure. Many poor families around us can’t even afford to send their children to school, Their financial situation doesn't allow them to study they have to work from their childhood to financially support the families.

The biggest drawback of this system is that we are not getting healthy and growing minds from the beginning. The poor educational system is transferring a lack of confidence in these children. Lower the confidence shall grow a lower mind. Which will end up of miserable lifestyle?

Many NGOs and social workers have done a lot of work for this but still, the situation hasn’t changed much.

Social Living differences:

Unsettled people can’t grow themselves for a longer period of their lives. Every country especially in Africa and South Asia. People have to cope with a double standard living style. Nowadays it has become very common that rich peoples have built their own standardized societies. Some are living in a very luxuries lifestyle and some have to live in a bad conditioned home. House is the biggest necessity of mankind.

Rich people don’t want to live with the poor. They are building their own luxuries house not even thinking about homeless peoples. But you can’t blame them eventually this is the set back of our societies and countries mainly. Who is responsible for creating such a situation.

Poor people are living in such a condition that they can’t even feed themselves or their families.properly, how they can think about building a comfortable home.

The outcome of these two explained factors will be that negativity is the main cause of poor living standards. Once we’ll build negative minds from the beginning. Very few of them will reach to their successful and standard life rest will remain in a miserable situation for whole life.

Poor people have adopted many disrespectful ways of living and earning. They have chosen them themselves. 


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Ryan K Biddulph said…
As within, so without, Zeeshan. Poverty is the appearance. But Reality-Truth is: money, is in consciousness.

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