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Are we Poor by Birth or by Nature in current Social World?

In today's Social world many poor people are living with no mindset or infrastructure to grow, they are living in such conditions in which their minds have stopped at a certain level, from where they can’t grow to become more successful. Educational System Differences In poor countries, many would have noticed that commonly there are two types of educational systems, for rich peoples they have a hight standardized schooling system, the people who are earning at a level of rich, from beginning their children are studying in the leverage schooling system. Their mindsets somewhere established in a way by brainstorming to learn more about the ways to create the ways themselves. They’ll learn innovative ways to develop them to become more social and engage persons in their lives. There is another side of the picture for poor families they can’t afford high paying schools to educate their child. There they won’t get enough brainstorming and facilities to become more succes