Eye opener facts of our society

Eye opener facts of our society

In our last topic of corruption, we covered some eye opener facts of our society how our society embraced corruption with remarkable ease and without concern, we are practicing them in our daily life without any fear thinking that we'll earn some extra cash, other materialists or for few moments of inner satisfaction. We didn't even try to imagine what will be the outcome of our actions on other person and society, we feel it was a pleasing action to make fool someone.

One of an eye-opener incident happened with us a few days back, we were riding on a bike and felt shortage of fuel thought we need to fill our tank otherwise bike will stop halfway and we will be turning our gears instead of bikes.

As we lined up at a petrol station to fuel our bike, once it was our turn, the cashier tried to talkative with us and fuelling person started to fill the bike tank, he suddenly stopped fuelling on less price meter which we suggested.

Eye opener facts of our society 

our driver was very active he suddenly saw that he not filled with accurate value. He smartly caught him and raised that it is less then what we suggested to you. Both patrolling persons gave a reason that it was a switch problem, we'll fill the fuel of the remaining amount.

In the end, we received balance fuel in our bike tank and started to move towards our destination and discussed on the way that if we haven't seen we would be on losing side without our knowledge.

This incident was an eye opener for me, we had heard about this from many people in our life but it was a first and luckily good eye-opener for us, which now will always remind us that keep an eye on fuelling meter before knowing that you were deceived.

This complaint is nowadays very common in our parts of the world. we are hearing very commonly that he is the shortage of milage after fuelling his vehicle tank.

The second time I experienced about this when I was riding with my friend on his bike and after traveling some distance his bike started to stop when it happened more than once, he stopped his bike and checked it, it was again an eye opener for him that he received very less fuel from previous fuelling stations. Luckily he ended up in front of another fuelling station, from where he filled his tank again and restarted his journey.

Think and imagine in your mind, what affects it would generate on other people who are economical in their earnings or wanted to reach an emergency situation. It could be an irritating or time losing situation for someone. Do we think that what would be the thoughts of other people about us, in what kind of words they'll remember us, Did we earn respect or being disrespected by them?

By changing our acts and gestures, we can't change the whole world but we can make a good and positive impact on few people, who might start thinking to change them after receiving a wealthy gesture from us.


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