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Eye opener facts of our society

In our last topic of corruption, we covered some eye opener facts of our society how our society embraced corruption with remarkable ease and without concern, we are practicing them in our daily life without any fear thinking that we'll earn some extra cash, other materialists or for few moments of inner satisfaction. We didn't even try to imagine what will be the outcome of our actions on other person and society, we feel it was a pleasing action to make fool someone. One of an eye-opener incident happened with us a few days back, we were riding on a bike and felt shortage of fuel thought we need to fill our tank otherwise bike will stop halfway and we will be turning our gears instead of bikes. As we lined up at a petrol station to fuel our bike, once it was our turn, the cashier tried to talkative with us and fuelling person started to fill the bike tank, he suddenly stopped fuelling on less price meter which we suggested.   our driver was very acti