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How Corruption has become Fashion in our society?

Do you know what exactly is corruption, have you're ever tried to understand or noticed how easily it has become a member of our society. Why we don't hate it anymore? Why we don't think about it or feels shame on it. Do you know It has become a fashion in our society? Let's discuss it.  Once we start giving respect to corrupt or criminal people in our society and starting to disrespect honorable people, then slowly but surely corrupt system shall destroy whole national mentally, morally and ethically, in our society we reached a stage where all the limits are been crossed, we  now don't feel embarrassed on our acts we always try to justify it in many ways. Then we can say that; Corruption is now an Ethical Fashion in our society. 1. Corruption in small social businesses. We should have noticed in our daily routine, if we are buying grocery near to our house groceries, try to check prices from 2 or 3 shops from same area, you will find prices are