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Saturday, November 17, 2018

November 17, 2018

Consider, You could be wrong

n today's social world, accepting or considering himself the wrong, that's not the case. everyone tries to portate a situation that another person is wrong, he is not willing to consider himself that he could be wrong. he thinks he is the right. In our society, everyone has developed the thinking that he is the right one, nobody wants to consider that he could be wrong.

This act has created adverse effects in our daily lives, we have lost the respectful thinking and behavior towards other persons, some of us will show aggression or someone will take discussion as long until he'll prove himself right.

By some of the examples we can explain it; 

  • Let's suppose someone is riding a bike or vehicle, he suddenly crosses the road from his way to another way of road to shorten his distance without using a legal turn or crossing, then he'll surely come in the way of other vehicles, who are going their way, then traffic will slow down because of his irresponsibility. If he comes in face to face of any vehicle, both will apply sudden breaks and all other vehicles who are behind him will also suddenly stop or hit. Now the situation is been created by this wrong driving person, due to that both vehicles can come out will start arguing but the general scenario will be that no one will accept his mistake, which could convert into lame excuses or aggression, which is costing time and creating the frustrating situation for others. Both will misbehave and use bad words to prolong the situation.
  • Another example you can see how Mr. TRUPM is behaving often, the recent and popular example of how he reacted with a CNN generalist during a press conference. If a leader has this kind of attitude then you are building a castle for your nation and society that one day shall eventually fall, you as a leader creating a future collapsing situation for the whole world.
We can understand that in this kind of situation anything can happen but the most destructive thing is that we have an unproven or unsolve situation.

You can find these kinds of situations everywhere in your live, office, home, roads, bazaar, etc. This can be eradicated by developing positive thinking and less hassled lifestyles. Everyone is in a frustrated situation either because of financial problems, job-related, family or personal issues our lives have been made in such a way in this globalized world that we are living in a frustrating situation all the time.

Materialistic lives have disrupted huge fire in society by promoting this act, globalization is also a major factor, participating in it with great hands, Social media and Electronic Media are also playing huge roles.

We don't have any calmer and cool society, everyone running after his dreams, we don't want to live in what we have, we want more and more, that runs every minute in our minds and is becoming more and more frustrating due to un-accomplishments of our targets.

We don't even bother to think about that, how should we treat with other people, have forgotten how to laugh, due to intense pressure on our mind and we don't know what we are saying, acting and behaving.

You can also see that the USA is led by an example if the president of the US doesn't behave humanly or give respect to this co-workers, slowly but surely it'll become a trend. Mastering the negative thoughts to be promoted in the whole world's mind.

Our Media, leaders and social impactors or even everyone can develop this kind of habit by showing examples which are time worthy.

Friday, November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018

Disadvantages of the mirror for girl or women in taxi

Women or a girl is sitting in a Cab, Auto or online Taxi has to suffer this frequent and displeasing phenomenon while being transported most of the drivers would fix the front mirror towards her and keep looking to her from mirror constantly with naked eyes.

Taxi Driver looking at woman from the mirror

This has become common of disrespecting women, you would have noticed many times while using Taxi or Auto sitting with your female partner that driver will try to adjust front mirror like that he can see the female while driving he'll keep looking at her from that mirror until the journey ends.

If you have seen by chance in that mirror and noticed that driver is looking at you, suddenly he'll swap his eyes to give you a look that he wasn't bothering you. We are not talking about all the driver are acting like that but most of them will do that. If someone will do same with his sister, mother, wife or even with the girlfriend he'll get angry or circumstances can become worse in this situation but others he won't think for a moment that this could happen with him.

Something needs to be done towards this area, We all have developed thinking somewhere in our mind that women are not made for respect, we even don't know as a whole this thing has crept in our mind and has developed negative or unrespectful thinking in this regard. This is not a fault of a single person, we as a society equally participated in it. We have high risen degrees but we don't haven't respectful thinking. We'll show from our gesture that we are paying the respect but in our heart or mind, we are not. Create respectful thinking not only gesture.