Stop Abusing on Job children!!!

A girl child was selling a book or something else at the petrol station, many of us would have seen this activity while passing from roads, in crowded areas, in shopping malls, at bank ATM withdrawing machines, at eating points, at a fuel station, and at any other place. How many do we think why these children are doing this, have we tried to know the reason and tried to solve or help out them....? The answer will surely be 0%.

While we spend a lot of money at a shopping mall to buy clothes, jewelry or at expensive and famous food points with our family and these children try to come near us to sell something to earn to support their family, we'll serve them with harsh wording or attitude. I would say this phenomenon is the creation of our own society. The differences between poverty and rich have and is growing so fast that we have forgotten these aspects of our society.

The thing I want to encourage everyone is that if we buy something or give money to them without buying something is not the solution to that act, we as a whole need to about built an atmosphere and environment that these children should not be working, they have the rights on community where we live, we as a whole are responsible for this.

Many organizations, NGOs at the international platform are working to help out this situation in many developing countries but sorry to say the facts are still very alarming if you see from your own eyes. The solution is a far apart we don't even want to give respect to these kinds of children, we hate them and misbehave them if we can't or don't want to solve their economic problems, at least we can make them happy by paying respect.
There is another aspect, why these children are working that there father's don't want to work or they have some kind of physical illness. In our part of the world, many fathers are drug addicted, they will physically abuse their children or ladies to force them to work, once they go out in very bad and dirty dressing, everyone will stare at them and passes away from them without thinking that why they don't have an answer or solution for them. How can we help them? why we don't think about that?

Until we as a whole won't participate in it, we can't solve this problem even how much help we get from the international community, we have to create a society and develop the thinking that we should not hate them, we should pay them respect and try to help them out to find the solution of their economic problems. 

These are some unanswered questions from our own social community of whom we never try to find the way. These are just the words we need to think much more than that...........................

Think next time before disrespecting them a while that if you was one of them what would be your thoughts, load these thoughts in your mind and go from them step by step, Do you have the answer?

Stop Abusing & pay respect on Job Children

Pay Respect to Working Children


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