Uber & Careem ! New transportation Era

How Careem & Uber have efficiently improved our daily transportation lives? We'll take close look at it, so Let's talk.................

Globalization has affected all of us, slowly and silently crept into our lives, with unintentional thinking or power we have been forced to dive into it, somehow it reflected good or bad results in our daily lives.

One part of globalization is modern transportation idea of Careem and Uber, a couple of years back we had the option to go out on roads and wait for transportation, waving at them, waiting in un-wanted situation or weather. loss of time and money were really big factors due to some certain situations. In some countries, the taxi driver will ask money at his will and you have to pay that because you don't have the time or option.

Modern Transporation Uber & Careem advantages

Now since Uber & Careem has crept in our daily lives, they have made our transportation lives much better especially in 3rd world countries. Our driver is at one click away right our door-step or pinned location with the security and hassle-free. Where ever you want to go Just put drop off location and google map will take you to your desired destination. Different types of transportations are available depending on your budget, very low to higher business class. Captains behavior will be pleasing and appreciable in most cases, in some cases it is wise-verse, other then it has become a very popular public transport service.

Complaints can be registered through the helpline or mobile app in different categories like overcharging, captain behavior, cancellation fee, etc. helpline staffs are also very cooperative. somehow in 10% of cases, we'll be stuck in a difficult situation when you are in a hurry, you have booked a ride and suddenly driver canceled the trip due not wanted to take your root and in some cases, rates will be higher due to nonavailability of captains are some adverse effects also but overall we can think Uber and Careem has changed and eased our lives.

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