Still, I can't believe!!

Still, I can't believe!! is all about sharing a hard-earned experience with all of you. Before going into details Let's describe it.

We should trust or not? Everyone would think about this in his own way, some would have the bitter experience they would say we shouldn't! and other’s who had a good experience, they would say we should, things become completed if you are not a long and hard thinker and a soft-hearted person, you are in trouble most of the time. They are loved by everyone because of their nature but remain uncomfortable in their lives as they are not selfish, you are going to create problems for yourself by believing blindly.

This is a fact in this digital world you won't find many selfless people, by the time and experience you would find many people around you were eyeing on your pocket, bank balance or any kind of materialist in which you are sufficient then him.

This also has become normal, most of our society peoples don't want to earn in a hard way, they look easy ways, one way has become very common is to get daily financial candy by praising of wealthier people, move around commercially popular or richer people, praise them now and then, take financial advantage from him.

Once you become habitual you'll start generating such phrases, other people's hand will automatically bring some joy to you.

To better understand I’ll explain it with my own experience, We were working abroad from many years but were not financially stable, in the last couple of years I got promoted and started to plug reasonably good salary from my new job, I wasn’t strong enough to take step myself to start a new business myself, I was always looking for new ideas and suggestions to invest somewhere, from where I can get extra money other than my Job.

Still I can't believe

Create a new idea in business.

Once we moved to our last living space in that country, the person who lent the apartment from the owner, he became a good friend of mine. He was a very religious and soft-spoken person, he was very expert in winning someone's heart from his words. I was having some money so I decided to invest with him to get extra cash to fill my needs. To achieve that I was so blindly trusting on him that I never created credit cards for myself. I created a few credit cards for him on my name which were going to get me in trouble before I was rescued by God.

Slow and steady he was winning the hearts and money of lot of  peoples, that nobody even knew about other persons, that how many partners do he had created, at the top of that to win hearts one thing he was doing that he created a mess in which everyone contributed, every day he was buying grocery himself, cooking and serving them with sweet words and expressions. He started to lend a lot of apartments nearby areas which became an obvious way of income for him and he was in no need to any permanent job.

A year after, I lost my job and was forced to move back to my home country because of some unwanted circumstances, what I got as "End of Service benefits". Before moving back to the country that also I handed over to him without knowing anyone thinking that it would yield more financial stability to me.

After that, I moved to my home country and I started another Job along with that monthly profit from him. So I was in a healthy financial situation.

Time was running very fastly, I was never thinking that I should do something myself in my country, why I am believing so much on someone else? these questions never rose in my mind.

My brother took over charge from my side and receiving money from him and sending to me, which sent me in the complete piece of mind.

One day I received breaking news, the guy who was the owner of our business is missing, no one knows about him, most probably ran away after getting a hefty loan from the bank. After many days of search, we came to know we have lost our investment. which sent me and other people in shock for a few days.

 Since then I lost money but I revived myself as a self-believer. It'll take a lot of hard work and time to get back same financial situation, where I was at a time, but now every moment of my life has become harder and harder due to my own negligence. I have to blame myself for this and have to admit my mistake, I need to move on to be successful once more, instead of feeling the pain of it all the time but these moments are such on them Still, I can't believe and would keep saying myself What I did to myself.


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