People & Politics

Every government is based on the negative impacts of last government or a mind-affecting situation, create a big phenomenon, hit with great effect on peoples mind, who's Idea works and hits peoples most, can generate betters results.

Every party engages people with their self-driven ideas that they can change their situation, this aspect or that, etc. After all, the fault playing, the politicians will gain what they want, not interested in thinking that what people and society want from them and what they are doing.

People are raising slogans against politics

In today's politics, such situations have been created by politicians, after every 4 or 5 years, we are made refreshed that everything shall suddenly be going to change in next tenure but it proves again worthless. Such policies are made that you are been felt like swimming but once you dive into it, you come to know it was done other way and we were thinking another way. Slowly but surely most of us lose hope that it can't change ever.

Then comes false excuses one of them is very common that It is happening because of old folks mistakes and miss-administration. One thing also has become very common in all of us that we do make mistakes and now a day it has become common that we try to justify or defend these mistakes at every step, in this case, not only politicians but we all do like that, we don't try to rectify in a way that others shouldn't be hearted, but sadly we have lost this aspect in all of our lives due to unwanted situations been created in our living style.

One thing is sure either a politician or people if we can create a society of acceptance of mistakes, then we can correct everything slowly but surely having hands in had.

Let's us suggest, what are your thoughts on it. ...........................


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