Traffic Problems: Role of Public & Government

In today's topic, we are going to talk about traffic problems in our country and how the public can participate to help themselves, instead of depending on Government.

Let's take about some common mistakes we are doing, that really irritating and wasting the time of everyone.

One of the major problems of slowing down the traffic in our country is that we don't have traffic lanes on smaller roads, and traffic comes from everywhere, people are in hurry, they want to reach really fast to their destination and they will make their way from one end to another end from where ever they can reach early. That is the key responsibility of the government to tackle with it by creating traffic lanes and educating people.

People are not using lanes to create traffic problems

Another reason everyone has seen many times in a day is that, whenever someone wants to stop a vehicle if he is on the right side or on the left side of a road he won't show an indicator, whether he wants to stop or want to take left or right turn or U-turn, which will create sudden stoppage for vehicles coming from behind that can actually cause an accident, If a vehicle is going on pretty good speed he could actually ram into the stopped vehicle that will result in minor or major accident. Even it hasn't costed the accident vehicles coming from behind suddenly will stop and will lead to slow down the traffic and waste of time for all of them.

I think we can improve ourselves by showing a simple indicator or following traffic rules while stopping or taking turns we should be enough educated to deal with that kind of simple problems.

I'll urge to convey the message to everyone while driving you can point out to whom, who is making the mistake. If we can do this yourself we can save time and lives of many people by taking simple steps.

Let's start the campaign: "Let's talk" and be part of it by reaching everyone.

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