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How Corruption has become Fashion in our society?

Do you know what exactly is corruption, have you're ever tried to understand or noticed how easily it has become a member of our society. Why we don't hate it anymore? Why we don't think about it or feels shame on it. Do you know It has become a fashion in our society? Let's discuss it. 

Once we start giving respect to corrupt or criminal people in our society and starting to disrespect honorable people, then slowly but surely corrupt system shall destroy whole national mentally, morally and ethically, in our society we reached a stage where all the limits are been crossed, we  now don't feel embarrassed on our acts we always try to justify it in many ways. Then we can say that;
Corruption is now an Ethical Fashion in our society.
1. Corruption in small social businesses.
We should have noticed in our daily routine, if we are buying grocery near to our house groceries, try to check prices from 2 or 3 shops from same area, you will find prices are dissimilar in each shop…

Consider, You could be wrong

In today's social world, accepting or considering himself the wrong, that's not the case. everyone tries to portate a situation that another person is wrong, he is not willing to consider himself that he could be wrong. he thinks he is the right. In our society, everyone has developed the thinking that he is the right one, nobody wants to consider that he could be wrong.
This act has created adverse effects in our daily lives, we have lost the respectful thinking and behavior towards other persons, some of us will show aggression or someone will take discussion as long until he'll prove himself right.
By some of the examples we can explain it; 
Let's suppose someone is riding a bike or vehicle, he suddenly crosses the road from his way to another way of road to shorten his distance without using a legal turn or crossing, then he'll surely come in the way of other vehicles, who are going their way, then traffic will slow down because of his irresponsibility. If he come…

Disadvantages of the mirror for girl or women in taxi

Women or a girl is sitting in a Cab, Auto or online Taxi has to suffer this frequent and displeasing phenomenon while being transported most of the drivers would fix the front mirror towards her and keep looking to her from mirror constantly with naked eyes.

This has become common of disrespecting women, you would have noticed many times while using Taxi or Auto sitting with your female partner that driver will try to adjust front mirror like that he can see the female while driving he'll keep looking at her from that mirror until the journey ends.
If you have seen by chance in that mirror and noticed that driver is looking at you, suddenly he'll swap his eyes to give you a look that he wasn't bothering you. We are not talking about all the driver are acting like that but most of them will do that. If someone will do same with his sister, mother, wife or even with the girlfriend he'll get angry or circumstances can become worse in this situation but others he won't t…

Stop Abusing on Job children!!!

A girl child was selling a book or something else at the petrol station, many of us would have seen this activity while passing from roads, in crowded areas, in shopping malls, at bank ATM withdrawing machines, at eating points, at a fuel station, and at any other place. How many do we think why these children are doing this, have we tried to know the reason and tried to solve or help out them....? The answer will surely be 0%.

While we spend a lot of money at a shopping mall to buy clothes, jewelry or at expensive and famous food points with our family and these children try to come near us to sell something to earn to support their family, we'll serve them with harsh wording or attitude. I would say this phenomenon is the creation of our own society. The differences between poverty and rich have and is growing so fast that we have forgotten these aspects of our society.
The thing I want to encourage everyone is that if we buy something or give money to them without buying somethin…

People & Politics

Every government is based on the negative impacts of last government or a mind-affecting situation, create a big phenomenon, hit with great effect on peoples mind, who's Idea works and hits peoples most, can generate betters results.
Every party engages people with their self-driven ideas that they can change their situation, this aspect or that, etc. After all, the fault playing, the politicians will gain what they want, not interested in thinking that what people and society want from them and what they are doing.

Uber & Careem ! New transportation Era

How Careem & Uber have efficiently improved our daily transportation lives? We'll take close look at it, so Let's talk.................Globalization has affected all of us, slowly and silently crept into our lives, with unintentional thinking or power we have been forced to dive into it, somehow it reflected good or bad results in our daily lives.
One part of globalization is modern transportation idea of Careem and Uber, a couple of years back we had the option to go out on roads and wait for transportation, waving at them, waiting in un-wanted situation or weather. loss of time and money were really big factors due to some certain situations. In some countries, the taxi driver will ask money at his will and you have to pay that because you don't have the time or option.

Now since Uber & Careem has crept in our daily lives, they have made our transportation lives much better especially in 3rd world countries. Our driver is at one click away right our door-step or pi…

Traffic Problems: Role of Public & Government

In today's topic, we are going to talk about traffic problems in our country and how the public can participate to help themselves, instead of depending on Government.
Let's take about some common mistakes we are doing, that really irritating and wasting the time of everyone.
One of the major problems of slowing down the traffic in our country is that we don't have traffic lanes on smaller roads, and traffic comes from everywhere, people are in hurry, they want to reach really fast to their destination and they will make their way from one end to another end from where ever they can reach early. That is the key responsibility of the government to tackle with it by creating traffic lanes and educating people.

Another reason everyone has seen many times in a day is that, whenever someone wants to stop a vehicle if he is on the right side or on the left side of a road he won't show an indicator, whether he wants to stop or want to take left or right turn or U-turn, which wil…